MySmartReaders / OITG Funding Invitation

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Dear English Panel Teachers,

Did you know that you could acquire STEM related extensive e-reading materials for your students through EDB’s One-off Information Technology Grant for e-Learning in Schools?

Look no further, your students can now read and learn anytime and anywhere with MySmartReaders, an online extensive reading platform with engaging and interactive reading content for your students. EDB has recently launched the One-Off Information Technology Grant for e-learning in Schools (OITG) to support your adoption of e-learning resources for your students and you should take full advantage of that!

If you need more information about MySmartReaders or OITG funding, please download and email the reply slip to or fax it to +852 2851 8422. If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to call +852 2851 3822 for details.

Online Extensive Reading Scheme for students of all ages


Content suitable for primary AND secondary school students

Smart Education is the exclusive partner that works with the world-renowned publisher, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan Education and Cengage Learning, on developing e-books worldwide. Students can read storybooks and readers of Cambridge YLE, Macmillan Readers and National Geographic.

MySmartReaders Program “Works”

Student learn in an Interconnected World

  • Visual Literacy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Blending Subjects
  • Media Literacy

What are the key features of the e-storybook platform?mysmartreaders-01

  • E-storybooks with audio read-aloud function, text highlighting, beautiful illustrations and interesting animations
  • Post-reading exercises on vocabulary, key structures and grammar points
  • Interactive games to motivate seamless learning for students
  • Different learning levels to cater for learners’ diversity
  • A wide range of genres, themes and topics

“Programme highlights” – Reading is fun

  • 10 reading levels for Primary to Secondary Levels
  • Over 15 titles of graded level storybooks and readers, rich variety of text types ( including classic, fantasy, adventure, myths and legends, non-fiction and many more )
  • Each e-book contains online challenging games and extended learning tasks
  • Audio read-aloud, text highlighting, interactive animations, attractive illustrations and dictionary function are developed for each e-book

Cross-curricular content: MySmartReaders – Five exciting themes

  • Incredible Animals
  • Fascinating Places
  • Remarkable People
  • Exciting Activities
  • Amazing Science

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