2018-19 TOEFL® Young Students Series GO English! Project has begun!


About the 2018–19 TOEFL Young Students Series GO English! Project

Using your English skills, work as a class to tell us what you would do to make the world a better place.

Here’s a chance for you and your classmates to get together and come up with ideas on how to make the world a better place. Would it be a simple act of kindness, helping others or the environment, or an invention? What would you do? We invite you to work as a class to tell us what project you would take on to make the world a better place. And practice your English skills while creating a video, radio, poster or newspaper announcement.

ETS, the world’s largest nonprofit educational measurement organization, is committed to delivering high-quality assessments — like the TOEFL® Primary™ and TOEFL Junior® tests — as well as conducting world-class research and advancing education worldwide. We are also committed to promoting learning that engages students on multiple levels.

With your guidance, students will be inspired to practice and improve their English-language skills, use their imagination and take pride in creating an amazing project. In addition, your class will receive special rewards for participating — including promotional items, educational materials, a plaque and certificates of achievement — once you turn in your project.

Discuss ideas with your class and create a project

Your goals are to:
- Work as a class or in small groups for a total of 5–10 hours over several weeks.
- Say or write enough English to effectively communicate your message.
- Be creative.

Deadline for your project – Jan 4, 2019

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