Disney Internship Program uses TOEIC® as the English Language Proficiency Test

Macao Daily news

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Macao Daily News reported that the Disney Internship Program co-organized by the Faculty of International Tourism and Management, the School of Continuing Studies of City University of Macau and the Florida State University uses TOEIC® as the English language proficiency test for recruitment.

The Program provides qualified students with the unique opportunity of becoming global-ready graduates while gaining hands-on experience in the field of hospitality and tourism. The Program uses TOEIC® as the English language proficiency test. Smart Education, the official representative of TOEIC® tests in Hong Kong and Macao organized the TOEIC® tests for students last December.

The TOEIC® test successfully helped the Walt Disney World recruiter choose qualified with the needed English language proficiency. Successful candidates will start their amazing journey in the Walt Disney World in June.