ETS TOEIC® sponsored iHRM’s “2-Shore 4-Place Conference: Challenges and Opportunities on HRM”


ETS representatives from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China cooperated at the conference to share our experience in human resources management with the conference.


Human resources personnel shared their experience in using TOEIC in recruitment, training or career development.


Participants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao attended the 2-Shore 4-Place HRMS conference, organized by Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management, sponsored by ETS TOEIC®. Participants discussed and exchanged ideas on the new challenges and opportunities on HRM, including hiring foreign employee challenges, managing Generation Y employees, etc.

As the global standard for English-language assessment, the TOEIC® Program is a powerful tool for human resources management. ETS TOEIC® representatives from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China cooperated at the conference to provide practical solutions to the challenges currently being faced by human resources personnel. For more than 30 years, over 10,000 organizations in 120 countries rely on the TOEIC® test to recruit, promote and train employees. Many participants visited our booth they learned more about how the TOEIC® could benefit their companies.