Gain Confidence and Competitiveness with a TOEIC® Certification

In an online poll recently conducted by the Taiwan media website Yam, TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication) ranked first on the list of “Top Ten Workplace Assessments”. Many organizations in Taiwan have adopted the TOEIC® tests as a tool to evaluate employees’ English proficiency.

Yam, the first online database developed in Taiwan, is one of the top three databases with the highest browsing rate in the country. With a high volume of visitors, its poll results are always trustworthy. In its recent poll, ‘The Top Ten Workplace Assessments”, TOEIC® has ranked first. As the number of highly educated applicants is growing, voters agreed that scoring high in TOEIC® can help them stand out from others while seeking job.

In Taiwan, the number of tertiary education institutes has been rapidly expanding, many employers find it difficult to gauge the reliability and the validity of these programmes. Many local organizations have also started to do business with overseas firms in the global economy. English, the world language for communication, is therefore a core competency for candidates to enter international enterprises and be competitive.

ETS, an industry leader in English-language assessment for over 60 years, designed the TOEIC® tests to measure workplace English skills. For more than 30 years, over 10,000 organizations (businesses, government agencies, universities and vocational schools) in 120 countries rely on the TOEIC® tests to demonstrate English proficiency and help them get ahead of the competition. More than 6 million TOEIC® tests were administrated in 2011.

In Hong Kong, competitions are also keen in the job market. Employees have to be well-equipped and are preferred to possess a high qualification in order to succeed in the business world. Not only do employees face keen competitions, Hong Kong youngsters also need to raise their competitiveness by obtaining more certificates to demonstrate their professional qualifications and language proficiencies , and TOEIC® can definitely do its job.

The top 10 workplace assessments
Rank Name of Assessment No. of Vote
1 Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC®) 23390
2 Chartered Financial Analyst 16897
3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test 15475
4 Technician for Accounting 13981
5 The General English Proficiency Test 12580
6 Microsoft Certified Application Specialist 12173
7 Corporation risk manager 9731
8 Techficiency Quotient Certification 9151
9 Chartered Financial Consultant 7023
10 Registered Financial Consultants 6279



Source: (Liberty Times Net)