Top School in Macau Chooses the TOEIC® and TOEFL® ITP Tests for Students

Smart Education, the ETS Preferred Associate in Hong Kong and Macao, has helped ESCOLA SECUNDARIA PIU CHING, MACAU (“Pui Ching School”) to adopt both the TOEFL® ITP and TOEIC® tests as the benchmark to measure their students’ English language proficiency. The tests will be an important tool to prepare their students for success.

Smart Education is working closely with Pui Ching officials in providing benchmarks for test scores which will help students advance into top universities in Hong Kong and Macao. With the usage of both assessments, Pui Ching is a strong ETS showcase of English proficiency programs in the area. A TOEIC® test administration has recently been done for all Piu Ching’s S6 (senior high school level) students as a benchmark, and these students will sit for the TOEFL® ITP by the end of 2013 to measure their progress in English-language learning. The assessment results help teachers better understand their students’ English abilities and can adapt their instruction according to their students’ needs.

The school has also completed the TOEFL® Junior field test for all their S3 (junior high school level) students and the TOEFL® Primary field test for a group of P5 and P6 students and will collaborate with Smart Education to include these into courses this year.

Congratulations to Smart Education on their strong win for the TOEFL® and TOEIC® families. The school is a powerful demonstration of how the ETS Family of English Language Assessments can help students and teachers.