Smart Education Attended the Wifi 100 E-learning Exhibition & Practical Experience Sharing Session – Creating A Whole New E-learning World


Smart Education, together with other representatives, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate the Wifi 100 E-learning Exhibition.

Smart Education Co. Ltd. was invited by Jordan Valley St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School On January 15, 2015 to attend the Wifi 100 E-learning (Self-Learning Platform) Exhibition. The Wifi 100 Scheme aims at providing funding to 100 public schools, in order to reinforce their Wifi infrastructures to cater for the need for using e-textbooks and e-learning resources in class. This exhibition took the chance to provide a platform for discussion among teachers, students, parents, and the organizations in education industry to keep track of the latest trends in teaching. Therefore, schools can set up clear directions and achievable goals for their future teaching plans in terms of e-learning.

Participating companies and schools shared their successful experience on how schools’ network hardware could effectively match up with the e-textbooks and e-learning resources, which brought new methods for teaching and revolutionary insights into student-centered e-learning. As a vanguard that has provided the most efficient e-learning resources and the developer of MySmartETextbook which are the only English e-textbooks on the Education Bureau’s Recommended e-Textbook List, Smart Education shared their rewarding experience in cooperating with schools and creating e-textbooks & e-resources that increased self-learning initiatives. Smart Education showcased our English learning e-textbook platform “MySmartE-Textbook” and shared our viewpoints with the present educators on how to maximize the advantages of e-learning through utilizing the campus internet technologies.

Smart Education has established an indispensable position in the education industry for our extensive experience in teaching practices. Thus, the present educators had confidence in MySmartETextbook and our other e-learning products. Moreover, throughout our demonstrations, teachers have become more familiar with how to operate our e-learning resources. In the schools’ perspectives, e-textbooks and e-learning resources significantly reinforced teacher-student interactions, and enhanced students’ self-learning activities. Smart Education is deeply grateful for the positive feedback from the schools, and will keep striving to provide forward-looking educators with the best e-learning products and the fruit of technology advancements.


Smart Education was deeply honoured to be invited to attend the Wifi 100 E-learning Exhibition.


Educators visited the booth of Smart Education to obtain e-learning and MySmartE-Textbook brochures for more relevant information.