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Comprehensive English Enhancement Courses -- taught by experienced specialists from Australia

Comprehensive English Enhancement Coursesyes

The Smart Elite Group cooperates with Phoenix Academy (Australian registered higher education Provider) to implement Native English Teacher course. It is an english course specially designed for primary six to secondary six students. It aims to enable them to meet the language and academic requirements of the school and help students enter their preferred high school and university. All Native English Teachers in charge of this course have internationally recognized teaching qualifications and many years of teaching experience, so that students can easily fall in love with English in a professional learning environment.

The course's introduction webinar is now being held with no entry fee. Interested parents/students are welcome to register and participate!

Date: August 27

Time: 16:00-17:00

Enquiry Tel: 2851 1501

Participation method: Scan the QR code in the poster / click on the following website for simple registration