Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies

Interactive teaching energizes and captivates your students.

Imagine students actively working with dynamic content, rather than passively listening to teacher lectures or answering questions at the end of a textbook chapter. An interactive classroom takes advantage of tools that provide students with a world of rich resources. It facilitates instruction that accommodates students’ varied learning styles, and that includes timely, frequent assessments of progress. It also provides many opportunities for students to acquire “21st century skills”, including the ability to think critically, analyze information, comprehend new ideas, communicate, collaborate, and make the kinds of decisions necessary in today’s knowledge economy.

QUALITATIVE RESEARCH and field research confirm that the use of interactive whiteboards has a positive effect on student engagement and can have positive effects on teacher attitudes.

Smart Education is the master distributor of the award-winning Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies in Hong Kong and Macao, and we are ready to empower your teachers with innovative technologies to enhance learning and teaching.