Smart Education makes TOEFL Go English Project a big success in Hong Kong and Macao

Smart Education, the ETS TOEFL® representative in Hong Kong and Macao participated in TOEFL Young Students Series GO English! project, this world-wide project is leading the students to practice and improve their English language learning skills through the creation of amazing advertisement in video, radio, poster and newspaper column. Smart Education provides students an opportunity to showcase our town in English, and have fun during the process!

Smart Education, the official representative of the TOEFL Young Students Series in Hong Kong and Macau, is very excited about the projects we have submitted and they are displayed on ETS’s offical website for the world to enjoy!

We are grateful for the schools and language schools which have participated in this project, including St. Anthony’s School, Pui Ching Middle School, Hou Kong Primary School, Ma On Shan Lutheran Primary School, Tsuen Wan Chiu Chow Public School, Evangel College, Sunny English and Crisyland.

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