American Express Adopts TOEIC ® Test for Recruitment in Malaysia




To remain competitive in today’s global environment, American Express has recently announced that the TOEIC ® test will be implemented as a preliminary requirement for all recruited applicants for their office in Malaysia.  The accomplishment of acquiring American Express as a TOEIC ® client in Malaysia is due to the recent success in promoting the TOEIC ® adoption as a mandatory recruitment program with AirAsia. Approximately three months after AirAsia’s announcement, American Express decided to experiment with the test for their implementation potential in Malaysia.

The first test session was administered on August 8, 2012 for selected staff members at the American Express office in Malaysia. The Malaysian office, also known as Kuala Lumpur Global Service Centre (KLGSC), is part of the American Express global network of call centers. This call center manages over 30 countries out of this office alone. If the TOEIC ® program proves successful in Malaysia, American Express will introduce the exam to their offices in India, Taiwan and in the United States of America as well.

Besides allowing businesses to make critical hiring, placement and training decisions with additional confidence, the TOEIC ® test can provide a company better economic leverage as well. Requiring employees to understand and effectively converse in the English language could potentially be vital to the company’s continued development. Since American Express operates on an international level, English is and will continue to be an important tool for worldwide communication. By requiring the TOEIC ® score for new recruits, the organization now has an independent and internationally recognized global standard for English proficiency for their hiring process.