2015 TOEIC Microfilm Contest Phase 2 – Microfilm Production Workshop

The 2015 TOEIC Microfilm Contest organized by Smart Education has entered Phase 2. As this year’s contest has drawn numerous participants, Smart Education held the 2015 TOEIC Microfilm Contest – Microfilm Production Workshop at Lingnan University of Hong Kong on 7 March 2015, so as to explain the details of the contest to the participants, as well as sharing filmmaking and film editing skills with them. Mr. YU Chung-yin, Henry, Programme Leader of Creative Media Design, and Mr. LUI Tsz-kit, Byron, Subject Leader of Information Technology, were invited to be the instructors of the workshop. The workshop attracted dozens of participants, creating a buzz at the event.

At the event, Miss Chloe Ho, Marketing Manager of Smart Education, explained the details of the Contest to the participants to familiarize them with the entry requirements. Mr. Yu explained the operation of the video equipment and introduced the three-act structure to the students, giving them guidance on plot development and expression for their microfilms. To give the students a better understanding of these concepts, supplemented with the screening of the Hollywood blockbuster Real Steel, Mr. Yu demonstrated how these concepts can be integrated into the film to allow the audience to be fully immersed in the plots. Mr. Yu suggested participants to refer to the dramatic structure in films when writing the script for their microfilms, thereby bringing their work to a higher level. In addition, Mr. Lui also shared tips on film editing with the participants by using computer softwares, hoping these skills would become handy for them during the filmmaking process. The workshop came to a fruitful ending with valuable suggestions offered by the instructors, which are believed to have greatly benefited the participants to help them perfect their work.