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Smart Education is proud to collaborate with Hong Kong Chinese YMCA in the "Metaverse English Learning World - AI Companion Robot and Virtual Environment to foster Students' English Speaking Skills" project, funded by the Quality Education Fund's E-Learning Ancillary Facilities Programme. The project utilizes Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and big data, in conjunction with the curriculum provided by the Education Bureau, to design English speaking practice courses for primary and secondary school students. Its aim is to enhance students' English listening and speaking skills, increase their interest in learning, and promote self-directed learning.


milestone-2024-03Smart Education has been authorized by the Hong Kong College of Technology(HKCT) and HKCT Institute of Higher Education as the contact company for mainland student recruitment within the institute. As the representative of the institute in mainland China, it conducts student recruitment activities, providing accurate information on colleges and courses to mainland students, handling student inquiries, and assisting with application procedures. This helps HKCT expand its student community, enhance the institute's reputation, and jointly provide more development opportunities for students in the Greater Bay Area.



milestone-2023-09Smart Education established a new TOEFL iBT Test center at the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies, providing ample test places for the increasing number of candidates in the Greater Bay Area and to further support the development of Macao as a global tourism and leisure hub.


milestone-2023-02 Smart Education signed a collaborative agreement with the School of Liberal Arts, Macau University of Science and Technology to facilitate the academic exchange programs for students and teachers in Hong Kong, Macao and the Greater Bay Area. Founded in 2000, the Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.) has rapidly developed into the largest multi-disciplinary university in Macao. M.U.S.T. ranked among the Top 250 Universities in the "World University Rankings 2023", released by the Times Higher Education (THE) in October 2022.



Smart Education celebrates its 15th anniversary of the Chinese/English Radio Drama Competitions. We are also excited to announce that the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) has been sponsoring the radio drama competitions for five consecutive years. Smart Education's Chinese/English Radio Drama Competitions have proven to have a positive impact on increasing motivation, collaboration, and confidence in language learning for students in the region.



Smart Education has successfully implemented the project under the Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD Fund) provided by the Trade and Industry Department. This project has helped Smart Education explore and develop the Mainland market through developing our brands, upgrading and restructuring our operations and promoting domestic sales in the Mainland.


milestone-2021-11This year marks Smart Education's 10 years collaboration with ETS. Smart Education has been servicing the ETS TOEIC and TOEFL products and services in Hong Kong, Macao and South China since 2011, and our team's continued commitment and dedication has helped Smart Education achieve remarkable results. A special 10-year collaboration article has been published in Smart Education's Teens Magazine.


milestone-2021-01It is our delight to announce that Smart Education has signed with Phoenix Academy as their official partner. Their exclusive Fast Track Foundation Program offers students in Hong Kong, Macau and South China the opportunity to study for their Certificate IV and earn direct entry into Australia’s top universities.

Phoenix Academy is an Accredited and Registered Training Organization based in Perth, Australia, that specializes in offering nationally recognized English Language Intensive Courses (ELICOS) and Diploma courses. Phoenix Academy is AQF accredited and is partnered with top universities in Western Australia.


milestone-2021-01Smart Education has officially signed with Canada eSchool, a wholly owned subsidiary of Columbia International College (CIC), to offer students in Hong Kong, Macau and South China the opportunity to study for and earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Smart Education is now the official representative of Canada eSchool, an Ontario-based secondary school that offers 40+ distance learning courses each year, approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education (MOE), that satisfy OSSD requirements. The OSSD is universally recognized by all post-secondary institutions in English-speaking countries, and is highly regarded by all universities throughout Canada.


milestone-2021-01Smart Education has been appointed as JPT's official representative in Hong Kong, Macao and South China. The JPT tests will be held for Japanese speakers of all levels on a regular basis in these regions.

The JPT (Japanese Proficiency Test) is a test tailored towards employees and Japanese learners of whom Japanese is not their native language, and aims to objectively measure and evaluate functional communication skills in everyday situations. JPT is also a recognized qualification by the Ministry of Justice Immigration Services Agency of Japan as well as Japanese education institutions.

For more details, please visit our official websites:
JPT (Hong Kong, Macau and South China regions):https://jpt.mysmartedu.com/
JPT (Japan): https://www.jptest.jp/en/



Smart Education has been listed on the Government IT Suppliers Reference List under the Hong Kong Government’s Distance Business (“D-Biz”) Programme (Reference number SP-087-400). This programme is launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) and implemented by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC). During the epidemic, remote working or service has become a new trend. The D-Biz Programme provides funding support through fast-track processing for enterprises to adopt IT solutions for developing distance business. Smart Education will strive for continuous improvement and provide more quality e-learning solutions to institutions, teachers, parents and students.

Review the IT service providers reference list of the D-Biz Programme:

Programme details:


milestone-2020-02Smart Education has been appointed by ACT Inc. as the International Service Provider (ISP) of the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) in China. The GAC program is a university preparation program that provides students with the academic knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in an English-language bachelor's degree program.In addition to the GAC, all students have the opportunity to prepare for and take the ACT® test, an admissions exam used by ALL US universities, and nearly 300 universities outside of the United States to evaluate undergraduate applicants. Many of the Pathway Universities in the United States and around the world offer GAC graduates up to one year of credit.


Sep 2019

milestone-2019-09Smart Education is proud to receive sponsorship from the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) on our Chinese/English Radio Drama competitions. This is the second year we have received sponsorship from SCOLAR, and this competition has proven to effectively encourage primary and secondary students to articulate their feelings with effective use of words, and enhance their abilities to collaborate and communicate.

May 2019

milestone-2019-05Smart Education has become the exclusive school distributor of BiOBUDDi products in Hong Kong and Macao. BiOBUDDi products are eco-friendly educational building blocks made from sugar cane. Products are made in the Netherlands, tested and certified by DIN CERTCO.

Apr 2019

milestone-2019-04Smart Education received the Bronze Award for Education Achievement Excellence 2019 for our continuous contributions in the Hong Kong Education sector.


Sep 2018

milestone-2018-09Smart Education's Radio Drama Competitions entered our 11th year, and we are extremely proud to have SCOLAR as one of our sponsors. Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) was established in 1996 to advise the Hong Kong Government on language education issues and on the use of the Language Fund.

May 2018

milestone-2018-05Smart Education launched a revolutionary A.I. learning product AA Power to help students learn more effectively. AA Power uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to monitor students' progress, together with Formative and Summative Assessments within our system to support students' learning. Students' language abilities are measured against CEFR international standards.


Mar 2017

milestone-2017-03 Smart Education and ETS co-hosted the 2017 ETS TOEFL and TOEIC Asia Pacific regional meeting in Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel. Executives from ETS and over 20 regional representatives actively participated in the three-day event. It was the first regional meeting held in the Macao SAR.


Nov 2016

milestone-2016-11As the leader in e-learning and e-textbook development, Smart Education was interviewed by different press and media to share our vision and experience: * RTHK One’s Radio on how to use e-learning to develop students’ self-directed learning skills * RTHK’s China on the Dot program on the current status of e-learning implementations in China * RTHK’s Hong Kong Connection on our experience with the e-textbook development in Hong Kong

Oct 2016

milestone-2016-10Ms. Elsa Tsang, Smart Education's CEO, has been voted as the President of the Hong Kong E-Textbook Association. She will lead the Association to work closely among the members and related entities to promote the use of e-textbook and e-learning in the education sector, as well as to advise Hong Kong Education Bureau on its e-textbook development strategies and policies.

Oct 2016

Smart Education launched the TOEFL® Community Program for Hong Kong and Macao, over 150 schools and training partners have joined the Community and participated in various community activities including the TOEFL Young Students Series Go English! Campaign, Train-the-trainer workshop in Princeton, TOEFL Junior courseware development and language research, etc. The TOEFL test is the most widely respected English-language test in the world, recognized by more than 9,000 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, including Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the United States.

Sep 2016

milestone-2016-09Smart Education has been appointed by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Lingnan University to provide students in Guangdong with our MySmartABC online reading platform and participate in a research study to measure the effectiveness of e-learning programs for upper primary school students there. This project is being supported by MOE’s educational technology centers in South China.

May 2016

milestone-2016-05Smart Education published a language research report on analyzing Hong Kong and Macao students' English language skills, helping teachers and school administrators better understand their students' English proficiency, as well as making recommendations on how to adopt Assessment for Learning and prepare students for success in the future.

Apr 2016

milestone-2016-04Smart Education was invited to coordinate an academic exchange and visit to tertiary institutions in Macao by the New Territories School Heads Association. Over 20 secondary school principals visited City University of Macau and Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau, and obtained useful information on how to help students plan their education and career.


May 2015

milestone-2015-05Smart Education received the ETS Preferred Network Bronze Club Award for our contributions to the TOEIC program in South China. Since May 2014, Smart Education has been appointed by ETS as the official representative of the TOEIC Program in China's 8 provinces (Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Yunnan and Hainan). This is the third consecutive year that Smart Education received such prestigious awards from ETS.

Jan 2015

milestone-2015-01milestone-2015-01 Smart Education successfully conducted TOEIC Listening & Reading public tests in 13 cities in South China: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanchang, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hefei, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Kunming and Haikou. We also conducted our first TOEIC Speaking & Writing test administration in Guangzhou in November. These are two important milestones which Smart Education has accomplished since being appointed the official TOEIC representative in South China in April 2014.


July 2014

milestone-2014-07-TOEFL-iBT-awardSmart Education was awarded the "Recognition of TOEFL iBT® by Macao Government" Award at the 2014 ETS TOEIC and TOEFL Asia Pacific Regional Meeting to commend Smart Education's success and efforts in expanding the TOEFL programs in Macao. Smart Education has successfully established a new TOEFL iBT® test centre to support the Language Certification Pilot Scheme implemented by Macau Education & Youth Affairs Bureau. Our effort has enabled Macao to further develop itself as the assessment hub for the Pearl River Delta Region.

May 2014

MySmartETextbook-on-EDB-s-recommended-e-Textbook-list-01MySmartETextbook-on-EDB-s-recommended-e-Textbook-list-02Smart Education Charitable Foundation is extremely pleased to announce that all three key stages of Smart Education's e-textbooks (MySmartETextbook.com, key stages 1, 2 and 3) have passed EDB's review on quality and content review, and our textbooks are now on EDB's Recommended e-Textbook List (eRTL). This is a very significant achievement for us, as not all EMADS developers have their e-textbooks approved. We are the ONLY e-textbook developer with approved English Language subject e-textbooks.

Please visit https://cd.edb.gov.hk/ertl/search.asp to view EDB's Recommended e-Textbook List (eRTL).
Apr 2014

Smart Education has been appointed as the official representative of the TOEIC tests in China We are extremely pleased to announce that Smart Education has been appointed by ETS as the official representative of the TOEIC tests in China. In addition to the test takers in Hong Kong and Macao, Smart Education now serves test takers in South and Central China to deliver fair, valid and reliable educational and professional testing services.

For more information regarding the TOEIC tests in China, please visit the following website for more information: http://www.toeic.net.cn/


Aug 2013

milestone-2013-10-Macau-daily-newsSmart Education successfully established a new TOEFL iBT test center to support the Language Certification Pilot Scheme of Macau Education & Youth Affairs Bureau, and the Government will sponsor all secondary school students to take the TOEFL tests in the 2013-2014 school year. In addition, Smart Education also assisted City University of Macau to become a SAT test center in Macao. The first two SAT test administrations attracted over 650 test takers, and Smart Education's effort further helps Macao to develop itself as the assessment hub for the Pearl River Delta region.

Aug 2013

Effective Aug 2013, Smart Education was further appointed by Educational Testing Service (ETS) as the official representative of the TOEFL ITP Assessment Series in Southern China. Smart Education now works with colleges, universities, language schools and education institutes to provide students in China with valid, fair and reliable English-language assessments for placement, progress monitoring, exiting testing, scholarship and visa programs.

Jun 2013

Smart Education received the 2012 EPN Global Recognition Award in the ETS Global Meeting. We have been recognized by ETS for our efforts in expanding the TOEFL and TOEIC programs in Hong Kong and Macao. Japan and Mexico were the other two countries that received such honor this year.

Jan 2013

Effective Jan 2013, Smart Education has become the official representative of the TOEFL ITP Assessment Series in Hong Kong and Macao. The TOEFL ITP Assessment Series offers colleges and universities, English language learning programs and other organizations the opportunity to administer a convenient, affordable and reliable assessment of English-language skills.


Dec 2012

Smart Education has successfully won three applications on Education Bureau's E-Textbook Market Development Scheme (EMADS). We are the ONLY organization appointed by EDB in the English Language e-textbook development across all three key stages. This is a significant win for Smart Education, and it certainly confirms our leadership position in designing and developing e-learning solutions for students and teachers in the Greater China region.

Oct 2012

Smart Education and University of Hong Kong introduce MimioTeach and MimioCapture devices extensively in its Centennial Campus to implement 21st century interactive classrooms. Mimio whiteboard capture devices are now available in the new classrooms and lecture theatres in HKU's Centennial Campus.

Sep 2012

Smart Education, the official representative of ETS in Hong Kong and Macao, is pleased to announce the availability of TOEFL Junior tests to students in Hong Kong and Macao. The TOEFL Junior Tests measure the degree to which students have attained proficiency in the academic and social English-language skills representative of English-medium instructional environments.

Jan 2012

The TOEIC test has been approved in the "Continuing Education and Development Program", launched by the Macao Education & Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ). Macao residents can take the TOEIC tests FREE of CHARGE, as DSEJ would provide funding to support all approved programs.


Jul 2011

Smart Education has been appointed by Educational Testing Service (ETS) as the official representative of TOEIC tests in Hong Kong and Macao. TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is a global workplace English benchmark and is being used by over 10,000 organizations worldwide. ETS also develops TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and GRE for test takers and score users worldwide. There were over 6 million registered tests for TOEIC in 2010. Smart Education hopes to aggressively expand TOEIC's coverage in Hong Kong and Macao.

May 2011

Smart Education pioneered an innovative MySmartABC's Grammar Monster App for iPad/iPhone users. Grammar Monster lets you learn English Grammar in a fun and exciting way! It ranked 2nd in Apple's Top Free iPhone Educational Games in just few days after its launch! We have also started the design and development of a few other mobile learning applications for schools in Hong Kong and Macao.

Mar 2011

Smart Education has established a Mobile Learning business unit to design and develop various interactive games, e-books and Education 2.0 solutions on iphone, ipad and Android platforms.

Jan 2011

Over 1,000 primary schools in Hong Kong, Macao and China joined the 3rd Annual Create MySmartCambridge Storybook Contest, and the contest attracted 1,000,000+ students to participate. District finals for Macao and Hong Kong were conducted in Dec 2010 and Jan 2011 respectively. The grand finale will be held in Hong Kong this summer. Please stay tuned!


Nov 2010

Smart Education has been invited by the Macau Library and Information Management Association to participate in the 2010 IT Week and Book Fair in Macao to showcase our latest e-learning and mobile learning resources.

Sep 2010

For three consecutive years, Smart Education has been commissioned by the Macao Education & Youth Affairs Bureau to provide all their students with our Chinese and Portuguese reading platforms.

Jul 2010

Smart Education collaborated with Universal Music to publish the FIRST song book for the popular band "Mr". The five members from MR. share their thoughts, passion for music, and daily lives with readers. The song book also includes music score and lyrics of five hit songs from "Mr".

Jul 2010

For the past three years, Smart Education has participated in the Hong Kong Book Fair, one of the largest educational exhibitions in Hong Kong. We showcased the 21st century digital classroom with Smart's e-learning resources and mimio's interactive teaching technologies.

Jul 2010

Smart Education has been invited by HKEdCity to participate in the Learning and Teaching Expo 2010. We featured the latest interactive e-learning resources, including our 3-D learning and teaching resources, school-based e-learning platforms, as well as interactive teaching technologies from DYMO/mimio.

Jul 2010

Smart Education's Annual Prize Giving Ceremony in Hong Kong. The top 500+ students received their Outstanding Achievement Awards in the Prize Giving Ceremony. They were chosen from over 380,000+ subscribers on Smart Education's e-learning platforms.

Jul 2010

Smart Education Charitable Foundation, Theatre Noir and Rotary Club of Bayview Sunshine HK co-organized the 2nd English Radio Drama Competition for Hong Kong & Macao Schools. The final of the competition was held at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. BBC China has been one of our key sponsors for the competition for the past two years.

Jul 2010

Smart Education's Annual Prize Giving Ceremony in Macao. Over 600 principals, teachers, parents, students, officials from the University of St Joseph and Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) attended this event. It is our opportunity to reward the 60,000+ primary and secondary school students and teachers from Macao who have actively participated in MySmartABC English online reading programme and MySmartERS Portuguese online reading programme throughout the school year.

Mar 2010

Smart Education launched MySmartPets, a revolutionary feature that excites and engages students, and creates a more valuable educational experience: students can dress their own Smart Pets, earn Smart Dollars and buy different kinds of accessories for them. In just 7 days since the launch, over 10,000 students adopted their unique Smart Pets, and the number of Smart Pets grows at an extremely rapid rate every day.

Jan 2010

Smart Education has become the master distributor of mimio interactive whiteboard solutions in Hong Kong and Macao.


November 2009

MySmart123.com has been featured on today's TVB News on the HKSAR Education Bureau's latest development on e-learning resources, and our program has been used as a showcase to demonstrate how schools are effectively using e-learning resources.

September 2009

MySmartABC.com has been commissioned by the Macao Education & Youth Affairs Bureau as the only online English learning platform for over 60,000 primary and secondary school students in Macao.

July 2009

Smart Education has been commissioned by the Macao Education & Youth Affairs Bureau to collaborate with Macau Inter-University Institute (IIUM) to design and develop the first ever online Portuguese reading platform for all their primary and secondary school students.

May 2009

Smart Education Charitable Foundation and Theatre Noir co-organized the Interschool English Radio Drama Competition, sponsored by BBC Learning English.

February 2009

Smart Education began to work with mimio to introduce the latest interactive whiteboard solutions to schools in Hong Kong and Macao.

Smart Education was appointed by Cambridge University Press as the exclusive distributor their latest e-learning products, Cambridge i-Dictionary and Cambridge i-Box.
January 2009

Smart Education Charitable Foundation was established.

January 2009

Smart Education and Cambridge University Press co-organized the “Create My Smart Cambridge Storybook Contest”. Over 80 schools with 70,000 students participated in the contest.


December 2008

Smart Education organized the “Smart Math Brain Contest” for primary school students in Hong Kong and Macao – over 100,000 students participated in the contest.

October 2008

Smart Education began to work with Theatre Noir to introduce various Language Arts and Drama programmes to schools in Hong Kong.

September 2008

MySmartChinese.com has been commissioned by the Macao Education & Youth Affairs Bureau as the only online Chinese learning platform for over 60,000 primary and secondary school students in Macao.

June 2008

Signed agreement with Jiangsu Netcom (江蘇網通) to provide Smart Education’s e-learning platforms to users in Jiangsu.

April 2008

Smart Education became an official partner of BBC Learning English.

January 2008

Smart Education co-published with Cambridge University Press to launch MySmartCambridge.com – the first online Cambridge Storybooks reading platform.