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Covers All 8 Elective Modules by EDB, in complying with NSS Curriculum

We have sorted our reading materials into 13 distinct learning levels that cater to Key Stage 1 (Primary 1 to 3), Key Stage 2 (Primary 4 to 6) and the New Senior Secondary (NSS) English Language Curriculum. Students can access reading materials most suitable for them! MySmartABC is being used by over 200 primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, Macao and China. Students learn English using MYSMARTABC every day!

NSS Language Arts Electives:
  • Songs & Poems
  • Drama
  • Short Stories
  • Pop Culture
NSS Non-Language Arts Electives:
  • STEAM Reading
  • Workplace Communication
  • Debating
  • Sports Communication


We work with authentic and world renowned content providers including BBC Learning English, Mightybook from the US, USA Today, Newsweek, Time, People Weekly and News Bank.

8 learning Tools

Reading We have thousands of diversified reading materials and text types, including STEM, fiction, non-fiction, email newspaper articles, journals, diaries, etc. msabcPage_1
Songs & Poems You may practice your pronunciation and accent through singing along renowned classics and festive songs, such as “Unchained Melody”, “Joy to the World”, you name it! msabcPage_2
Grammar Our Grammar practices are licensed from Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP)which include all the grammar categories such as tenses, prepositions, modals, etc. msabcPage_3
E-Book Our read aloud E-books cover various topics such as STEM, culture, social issue, etc., utilizing animations to explain complicated concepts in the simplest way! msabcPage_4
Vocabulary Building Each week, we have vocabulary exercise to help you revise some important vocabularies that you have learned during that week. msabcPage_5
Listening You can practice and improve your listening skills through utilizing the unique swap function, which allows you to switch between the recording and subtitles. msabcPage_6
Videos Our videos are sourced from renowned content providers, providing up-to-date information that help raise awareness of current events and social issues around the globe! msabcPage_7
Spelling We also have fill-in-the-blanks games in which you may spell the words simply by referring to their definitions and youcan also make use of the “Play” button to listen to the pronunciation. msabcPage_8

TEACHER Management System

We also have a huge database which includes all MySmartABC learning context. They are sorted into language arts and non-languages modules that cater for NSS English Language Curriculum,providing massive amount of teaching resources for teachers.