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TOEFL ITP @St Francis’ Canossian College: Using big data analytics to assess student progress

Smart Education recently paid a visit to St. Francis’ Canossian College to analyze the students' performances in the TOEFL ITP examination. This analysis was carried out in front of the school principal and the English teachers, with the aid of comprehensive data analysis. The purpose of this analysis was to closely monitor the progress made by the students, determine the effectiveness of the teaching strategies employed thus far, and ultimately find methods to enhance the overall teaching and learning experience, in order to better prepare students for HKDSE. In this meeting, Mr. Kevin Chan, President of Smart Education, meticulously dissected the significance of each piece of data, providing the principal and educators with comprehensive insights into individual students' learning performance. Essential aspects to focus on during English language instruction were highlighted, and suggestions were offered to elevate the quality of English teaching within the institution.


St. Francis’ Canossian College is a prestigious all-girls secondary school situated in Wan Chai. Its rich history spans over 150 years since its establishment in 1869, and the school has firmly established English as the primary medium of instruction. Emphasizing the holistic and all-around development of its students, the school is fully committed to providing them with an education of the highest quality. This dedication extends to the encouragement and support of students as they nurture and develop their unique talents, enabling them to effectively confront the challenges that await them in this ever-evolving 21st century.


The TOEFL ITP examination was meticulously designed to assess the English language proficiency of high school students. By evaluating and comparing students' competence in Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, and Reading Comprehension, this test can gauge their abilities by international standards. The test results serve as an objective indicator of both students' strengths and areas requiring further improvement in their English learning. Consequently, schools obtain invaluable insights into students' academic progress and can adapt their teaching strategies accordingly, tailoring them to suit individual learning needs. Furthermore, the TOEFL ITP scores also serve as a valuable predictive tool for students' performance in the English subject of the Hong Kong DSE, thereby enabling students to effectively prepare in advance.


Principal Kenneth Law commended the TOEFL ITP examination as a highly effective tool for schools. "The examination report provides us with a concise analysis of our students' abilities across various aspects. It enables us to better guide our students in understanding their strengths and areas for improvement. This meaningful data equips us with the necessary tools to assess the current level of our students' abilities, ultimately allowing us to refine our teaching methods for better academic outcomes."

Mr. Kenneth Law, Principal of Canossian St. Francis' College

To learn more about the TOEFL ITP, please visit www.TOEFLITP.com.hk