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2024 Aviation Industry Latest Job Search Guide: Advantage of TOEIC Test Scores!

Following the pandemic, airlines have progressively reinstated their flights with a fervent desire to recruit skilled and willing workers. According to the International Air Transport Association, the aviation industry is projected to generate a historic revenue of US$964 billion in 2024, along with an estimated 4.7 billion passengers. These predictions surpass the numbers from 2019 while erasing any lingering doubts regarding the industry's resurgence. Consequently, 2024 presents an opportune moment to join the aviation sector.


As the aviation industry continues its rapid expansion, the demand for English proficiency amongst airlines is also increasing. Therefore, possessing a TOEIC test score provides job seekers with a significant competitive edge. The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is a globally recognized assessment designed to evaluate English language proficiency within international business and communication contexts. Numerous airlines expressly state their requirement for good English communication skills in their job postings and prioritize candidates with outstanding TOEIC scores.


Cathay Pacific

(Source: the Cathay official website) Cathay Pacific mandates that applicants for its flight attendant positions based in London must undertake an online English proficiency test. These applicants may be exempted from the English test if they possess valid TOEIC listening and reading test scores of 325 in both sections.


Hong Kong Airlines

(Source: the Hong Kong Airlines official website) Similarly, applicants for HK Airlines flight attendant positions (Mainland China cabin crew - based in Hong Kong) with TOEIC test scores of 400 or higher will receive preferential treatment.


Hong Kong Express

(Source: the Hong Kong Express official website) Hong Kong Express is currently seeking Japanese-speaking flight attendants in Hong Kong. The airline emphasizes that candidates who have achieved a minimum score of 325 in both the listening and reading sections of the TOEIC test will be given priority.


Moreover, aside from gaining an advantage during the application process for various roles, the TOEIC examination is also a prerequisite for individuals interested in pursuing industry-related courses.


Take, for instance, the Advanced Master of Air Transport Management program offered by the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy. This program equips aviation managers with strategic management knowledge and skills across multiple domains. Successful graduates will receive a degree certificate equivalent to Level 6 of the Hong Kong Qualifications Register. Prospective applicants must satisfy specified English proficiency requirements, including obtaining a TOEIC test score of 785 or higher.

(Source: the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy official website)


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